Thursday, 21 August 2014

Something stackoverflow geeks dont know.

 I have used stack overflow for afew months.This site was started to act as a platform for programming Q and A. The site is doing great save for some pot holes and if you bump into one it really sucks...

To those that down vote peoples questions and answers some times with funny reasons first know that there is always a beginning for every thing especially to noobs. I would rather you first offer a solution before you jot all that criticism you comment on people's questions and answers. No wonder some claim the person asking does not have  clear knowledge of the subject.Remember no one can ask a question unless they dont have the answer.Questions are challenges and if instead of offering a solution you want to show how mean you can be shame on you...That is uncultured hubris and for me thats a luxury I will never afford.

" Real geeks just solve problems they do not just wave their hands and whine about the problem they are trying to solve" 

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