Monday, 20 October 2014

An Inspiration from Lady Ada Lovelace

On 15th October  every year is Ada Lovelace day and on this day different people in computing especially women celebrate and talk about the women in STEM whose work they admire like  Lady Ada Lovelace as a role model in computer programming. For those of you who do not know her ; Ada Lovelace is widely held to have been the first computer programmer. Close friends with inventor Charles Babbage, Lovelace was intrigued by his Analytical Engine and in 1842, she translated a description of it by italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea. Babbage asked her to expand the article, “as she understood it so well”, and this was when she wrote several early ‘computer programs’. Ada Lovelace died of cancer at 36, her potential tragically unfulfilled.There is a programming language named after her called Ada.

As I celebrate this figure every year , first I celebrate her like other famous ladies in STEM like Grace Hopper among others because she is a lady that is one of my role models not only to me but many ladies in this world. Secondly I celebrate her because she was a genius of her time. Thirdly and most important of all because she used most of her opportunity to make such great history that many people still recognize her contribution to computing.

During her time she was not the only smart person or even the smartest but when an opportunity came to pioneer computer programming she made good use of it and I am sure if she had waited for more worthy people to take up the challenge; we would probably never have had a chance to remember her for any thing. This would mean that she would never have people like me and other women in STEM looking at her as a role model. I  was not there but one thing is certain she put a lot of effort and determination to pioneer such a contribution that people embraced and still remember her for.

As we celebrate these people let us also follow in their foot steps so that if they came back to life by mistake they would say wow there are some smart people that used their opportunities after us. I would not love Ada Lovelace or Grace Hopper to come back by mistake to life and say .. “I cant believe no genius lived after me”... at least they will find me.

Therefore as we remember the women whose contribution to STEM is worth admiring let us remember to borrow a leaf from them so that we can come up with work worth admiring.

Are you willing to be the next Ada Lovelace of our time !!!!!! me I am.

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